It’s Here!

Whiskey Tribute is now live on Amazon –  New AWT

Here some of the reviews from the ARCs!

Meleaha rated it – it was amazing

OMG!!!!! Samantha Cole has another hit with this one! I got my ARC a few hours ago, and wasn’t able to put it down until I finished the entire thing! I laughed, I cried, I was afraid… My emotions were all over the board with this one! Since Curt isn’t into the BDSM scene, this was a sweet, vanilla novella. A little different from the other Trident novels, but awesome, nonetheless.  

Tracy rated it – it was amazing

WOW… Not only was this a brilliant story, but also one hell of an emotional one… (I went through a hell of alot of tissues!)
Now… I’m going to try and review without giving spoilers, which will be difficult due to content of book, but I’ll give it a try!!!
Dana was married to Eric, a former SEAL, team 4. In Ms Cole’s previous book we know that Eric was killed and that the members of Trident Security are helping with whatever they can in the wake of the heartache, supporting Dana and her 4 children.
Curt and Eric were like brothers and served in team 4 together. Curt has been friends with Dana from the first day Eric and her began their life together!
Right… That’s the basis of this book and I’m not going to say anymore, other than… PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!!!
The story is emotional to say the least and follows through on how Dana and Curt’s relationship slowly changes from friendship to love… It’s a beautiful story and is written with such passion that it brings the reader into the story, I actually felt like I was a character in the book with them!!! It’s a lovely 10/10 one sitting read, but remember… Keep tissues at hand because i promise, you will need them!!!… PERFECT!!!

Kirsty rated it – it was amazing

Gripped from the start, this novella is a fabulous addition to the Trident Security series. After the tragic murder of her husband, Eric, Dana and her adorable children are finally finding their feet with the help of Eric’s ex SEAL team mates.

Eric’s best friend, Curt, has proved invaluable to Dana and her family, providing both physical and emotional support, and the attraction between the two characters turns into something that cannot be ignored.

More vanilla than the previous books in the series, it has the right tone needed to tell the story of Dana and Curt’s relationship. Samantha’s writing is superb and her plots are always well thought out. Another great read and cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.

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