Beautiful Message from a New Fan!

(Debbie) Let me first say, I’m an avid reader. I read, on average, 8 books a week. I read, Leather and Lace months ago, as it was available on iBooks but the others in the series weren’t. Now, I’m not tech savvy so I was at a loss as to how to get to the others in the series. For Christmas, one of my gifts from my man, was a Fire HD8, and I got a grip load of Amazon cards from family and friends…see….he’d put out the word that my reading habit was being hindered in iBooks, and I immediately got down to business. There were so many books I was interested in that weren’t available on iBooks.

But I just got caught up on the Trident Security series, and can I just say…..Not Negotiable was so unbelievably beautiful and PERFECT!!! I’m a 2 time cancer survivor myself, and that book just touched me in a way that I can’t even begin to explain. You touched on all the emotions involved with someone who is trying to live their lives, but still hold their heart and sanity in tact. It just moved me in a way that’s incomprehensible. It was moving, beautiful and passionate all at the same time….and Spanky, kind of stole the book for me. But Parker is every cancer patients perfect Dom/s companion. And the scene at the club where many of the patrons had shaved their head……totally had me in tears. I know this is long, but I just wanted to say, Thank You…it was beautiful. And I wished I’d had this to read to my man when I was going through cancer. But I do know many women in the same boat and I will certainly steer them in the direction of YOU so that they can read and share with their men and partners…life isn’t over when cancer is a part of it. Again, from the bottom of my heart….thank you. Peace and respect always…..

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