Thanks Collector of Book Boyfriends Book Blog for the amazing review!

book review: 5++++ stars!!

Only three words! I ADORE IT!! I literally couldn’t put it down and this can be easily proved from the fact I finished it in exactly 12 hours! I just got totally sucked up by it……. This story is a no-brainer 10-golden-stars story!

Every single chapter was a new amazing adventure. A very enjoyable and irresistible adventure. I was constanlty on edge because i hadn’t any idea what would come next. It was like I was in a constant high and I loved it! It was the best introduction of the Trident Security men Cole could ever write. Each one was and is a gem from heaven that I couldn’t and can’t get enough of and really, I don’t want to.

In this first installment of this series we get to know Devon Sawyer aka Devil Dog  and Kristen Anders. Devon is one of the men who’s running Trident Security and the BDSM private club The Covenant. Kristen is an author who, although is writing romance novels, has made a turn in her writing and now tries to write the sequel in her new BDSM series after the success of its first book.

So, in a twist of Fate, she ends up basing her research on this club and how it works. But, she has no idea what the future has in store for her and soon she finds herself in a much more different place than the one she was at the start.And Devon is a very big big part of it and no one is capable to predict what is going to happen next and in the end between them. Plus, when they are together, they are soooooooo damn steamy that you need to go to Alaska to cool off!! No kidding!! :p

Devon and Kristen are two very intense characters with dynamic personalities who, during the evolution of their relationship, are coming face to face with some also extremely intense situations. It’s, honestly, a great delight to read how they deal with them and what emotions these situations bring out in them!!

Although, this is Samantha Cole’s first book, I have to say that she’s a very promising author with some very wonderful writing skills. Her future books are, definitely, going to be big successes and I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve for us.

Leather & Lace is a book that R O C K S and I undoubtly recommend it! Go and check it out!! You won’t regret it! I definitely didn’t.

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